At Teaching Beyond the Square, we offer a wide range of programming and services designed to provide teachers with ideas and strategies for implementing and sustaining an exploration-based approach with young children. Whether it is through our workshops or videochat series, or visits to our Materials Center, you’ll find that we bring our extensive years of teaching in progressive classrooms and our passion and enthusiasm in every aspect of the work we do.


Consulting and Staff Development

We offer our consulting and staff development services at a range of price points. Every school community’s needs and goals are different, and we are known for bringing a tailored approach to our work with schools. Our consultants will work closely with you and your staff to build a scope of work that reflect your specific and unique context and goals.


Workshops at The Materials Center

Teaching Beyond the Square is proud to present a series of hands-on workshops focusing on the role of open-ended materials in children’s learning. Workshops are held at our Materials Center, a public community resource center developed in partnership with Manny Cantor Center that features a variety of found objects that have potential to encourage creativity and problem solving. Our workshops are designed to offer educators opportunities for further learning about best-practices in early childhood education, and are led by experienced teachers, specialists and professionals.