Roxanne Batista


Roxanne began her career as a pedagogue in 2007, within a Bi-lingual Special Education class. Via independent professional developments, college course work, and an avid appetite for self-coaching literature, she strengthened her craft and began to gain confidence as a teacher. As the years progressed, and her positions evolved from teacher to Assistant Principal, Administrator of Special Education and currently Director of Early Childhood Education (Principal), she has made it her duty to ensure that those in need of professional development and advisory are provided for so that they may become better teachers, parents and students. Roxanne founded the only stand-alone DOE Pre-K center, Garden of Learning and Discovery, in 2015 and it continues to provide rigorous STEAM instruction in a loving environment in which students discover their love for learning. Throughout the last few years, she advocated and obtained $2.6 million in Capital Funding to break ground for an Early Childhood playground across the street from the Pre K Center. Roxanne is the co-chair of the Bronx Borough President's Early Childhood Consortium, an active member of NAEYC, and was just honored by Councilmember Vanessa Gibson for the advocacy work that is done throughout the district.