Initial Activities and Programs

Professional Development Grant

Teaching Beyond the Square (TBS) will provide funding for professional development through grants to teachers pursuing advanced degrees that will further their individual skills and knowledge. Grant recipients will be selected by an independent committee based on a set of criteria to be developed by the Board of Directors, or authorized committee thereof, that evaluates the qualifications and future goals of the applicants.



Hosting Educational Programs and Exhibits

TBS will raise funds and resources to host educational programs. lectures, and The Wonder of Learning Exhibit , New York City 2015 (featuring the work of the work of the schools of Reggio Emilia).


Serving as a Resource

Teachers will be available on a consultant basis to work with educators from other schools. The workshops will focus on curriculum development and the materials center as a resource for the classroom. They also will be available to conduct on-site school visits to provide support


Funding to Attend Workshops

TBS will provide funding for educators to attend workshops and conferences on topics consistent with our purposes for further professional development and to maintain TBS's collective knowledge and facilitate further educational innovations. Materials Center TBS will sponsor and operate a "materials facility." This space also houses a large collection of natural objects and "found" materials. These materials are objects from our everyday lives that are often discarded but which can be reused or transformed into something new, and often encourage creativity, problem solving, and action. Gathered from families and other sources, the materials inspiration. From the perspective of young children, with their strong inclination towards symbolic play and their tendency to transform objects based on their own interests and imagination, these materials are ripe with possibility.